“Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea!” ~ Agatha Christie

Do you ever want something a little different? A little less ordinary?

I’m not saying tea is ordinary. Far from it. There are so many different varieties, blends and flavors. So there’s no real worry for your taste buds to go without.

But sometimes don’t you just want a little extra oomph with your tea?

What you can do

If you’re in one of those moods where you just want something a little different then there are things you can add to your usual tea. That is if you’re up for a little experimenting.

Granted, not everyone will like everything on this list,but then you don’t know until you try it.

Also, not every tea will be good with the things listed here, so use your own judgement…you know your tea. 😉

10 things to spice up your tea

#1 Lemon

Lemon is great if you want to add a little flavor to just about anything. It adds a slightly sweet  and acidic punch to your tea without the added sugar.

Just squeeze half a lemon wedge into your tea and stir it slightly. Add more or less to your personal taste.

#2 Stevia

Have a sweet tooth that just won’t leave you alone? Then add a little Stevia to your tea to give it that sweet flavor you’ve been craving.

It comes in a liquid or powder form so you can pick your preference. But be careful though! Stevia is significantly sweeter than sugar.

The bonus really is that it doesn’t contain sugar at all!

#3 Honey

This one is for the non-tea-lovers out there. If you’re wanting to try tea (or switch to it) then try adding a little honey to your favorite tea. Personally, I love it in my white and chamomile tea.

Honey is great when you want to sweeten tea that isn’t naturally tea, which is almost every tea that isn’t blended with something sweet in it. Plus, it’s extremely soothing when you have a cold ;).

#4 Milk

Milk is great in the extremely acidic and strong black teas. It reacts with the acidity and calms the bitterness down.

For example, if you’ve ever tasted the black tea from Assam you know how strong and bitter it is. Calm the bitterness down with a splash of milk.

Just a word of caution – add your milk after the tea. If you add it before then your milk will curdle from getting splashed with hot tea.

#5 Ginger

Do you like spicy foods and/or drinks?

Then maybe you should try adding a little ginger to your tea. You can use ginger root or powder. But I would recommend only adding a little at a time so you don’t make your tea too spicy.

Ginger also compliments lemon and cinnamon so try adding some to tea with those components as well.

#6 Mint

Mint has a lot of properties that are good, but most of all it’s just really soothing and settling. Try starting with some peppermint tea first and go from there.

It has a slightly sweet taste as well, so if you’re someone who has a slight sweet tooth then this would be for you. But don’t expect it to be super sweet ;).

#7 Chocolate

That’s right ladies, you can sneak in some extra chocolate to your diet by putting it into your tea.

And if it’s melted chocolate, it doesn’t count right? 😉

Chocolate is great in Chai to give it a full, rich flavor. But you can also add some white chocolate to black tea for a creamier flavor!

#8 Fruit Juice

Want just splash of different flavor? Try adding some fruit juice to your next cup of tea.

It doesn’t matter what kind of juice, just whatever you have available be it cherry, blueberry, apple, or even lemonade.

Just add a splash to your already-made cup of tea.

#9 Basil

Ok, you may think this one is crazy but it really helps relax and calm you. Just steep some basil with your tea leaves and add some Stevia to sweeten it up a little and you’re good to go.

You can use dried basil, but fresh really is the way to go.

#10 Cinnamon

Cinnamon just has this warm and toasty quality to it. It gives off this feeling of safety and coziness – or at least for me.

It’s great in Chai and other warm tea, but why not try it in other teas?

Cinnamon is also great in some smoothies – so why not make that a tea smoothie?

Tea as unique as you

Making tea is really a personal thing – it’s all up to your personal preferences, but why not experiment a little. You never know if you’ll come across something you like even more than “just your usual”.

What do you add to your tea to make it a little less ordinary?

Tea is made for sharing!

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