Become a little more environmentally friendly by repurposing your used tea bags.

Yes, we said it. Repurpose them.

And if you’re anything like we are, you have plenty of them lying around. Instead of just throwing them away, why not use them for something good and get more life out of it? More bang for your buck, so to speak.

That’s why we’ve created this list for you to reference.

The Best Repurposing Method

Well, in our opinion anyway.

We will always think that the best repurpose method of used tea bags is to just re-steep the tea bags (for everything other than black or herbal teas) for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 6th cup of tea.

Just remember to add an additional minute (or two) to your steeping time as you increase in infusion number.

Around the House

1. Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Just brew an extra pot of tea from your used tea bags and let it cool. It doesn’t matter what it tastes like since you’re not going to drink it. Once cooled, pour it in to spray bottle and go to town on cleaning those windows and mirrors.

2. Removing Stubborn Grease/Residue from Pots and Pans

The tannic acid in the tea will help loosen and break down the food residue on your pots and pans. Put about a cup or so of hot water and a few used tea bags into your pot or pan and let it soak for a while. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to clean off that grease or other residue. 🙂

3. Cleaning Hands from Stubborn Smells

Just cut an onion or clove of garlic and now your hands smell of it, even after washing several times? Just rinse your hands with warm water and a used tea bag.

4. Soak Up Stubborn Odors in Your Refrigerator

You’ve heard of using baking soda to help keep the refrigerator odors under control, but did you know that tea is also a good odor absorber? Just put a few of your used tea bags in a bowl and place into your refrigerator for a while. The tea will absorb all the gross odors naturally.

5. Add Extra Flavor to Your Rice (or Other Grains)

Just toss in used jasmine or mint tea bags into boiling water when you’re making rice or other grains. It’ll spice up the flavor just slightly and be a little something extra that you didn’t quite expect. Delicious!

6. Keep Cast Iron Clean

Help keep that favorite cast iron skillet clean by opening and rubbing a used black tea bag all over it. Then rinse with warm water.


7. Help Enrich the Compost Pile

Throw on a few cups of brewed, ground or biodegradable tea bags onto the compost pile to help speed up the decomposition process and create an acid-rich soil to use on your garden.

8. Fertilize Plant Soil

The acid-rich tannins in the tea will help get your plants thriving again (or continue to thrive). Just open the tea bags and disperse the contents in the soil around the plant. It’s also extremely helpful for potted plants and vegetables. You can even line the drainage holes of the pot with used tea bags to help keep the acid level in soil at the right balance.

Health & Beauty

9. Calm the Skin

Place a cooled tea bag on a bug bite, poison ivy rash, burn or skin that’s been sunburnt. It will help bring out the itch and puffiness.

10. Help Reduce Eye-Strain and Puffiness

Tired eyes from staring at the computer screen all day? Or maybe you’re just tired and stressed? Lean back and rest your eyes with two dampened and cooled tea bags on your eyes – you know, like the cucumber slice method.

11. Exfoliate Your Skin

Keep your skin looking health and glowing with a homemade tea and sugar scrub. Create your own with a used green tea bag (or other favorite), sugar, honey and a few other things. You’ll look amazing and your skin is refreshed!

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

The best part of these ideas is that you get to be a little bit more environmentally friendly by reusing your daily tea bags instead of just throwing them away. There are so many good uses that it’s really a no-brainer, right?

Besides, you’ll probably never run out of used tea bags (if you’re like us). 😉

Now that you’ve seen a few of the ideas we’ve tried before, what ideas do you have?


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