We’re in the midst of the holiday season…the giving season.

Are you struggling on what to give your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors? I have the same problem.

But if any of those people are tea lovers I’ve got some good ideas for you. All of them are homemade, do-it-yourself style of gift – which is the best and most heartfelt gift you can get. Right?

Alright. Here we go!

Idea #1 : Tea Mug Gift Box

Maybe your giftee likes tea, but doesn’t have all the accessories to fix it at home for themselves. Or maybe they haven’t experienced tea for themselves quite yet, but you just know they will love it like you do.

Why not get them started with a gift box created just by you?

Here’s what you do to get this one together (and don’t be afraid to go in your own creative direction):

  • Locate a cute mug or tea cup that you just know your giftee will love. If you can’t find one, make your own by obtaining a plain mug and paint pen (one that you where you bake the mug in the oven to set the paint).
  • Gather several teas that are your favorite that you know are delicious and that your giftee might love. It can be either tea in bags or loose leaf tea. If you go with the loose leaf variety, most companies offer 1 ounce packages that are perfect for sampling a few cups of tea.
  • Obtain a cute, unique tea-spoon – something they can measure out their loose tea or stir their tea with.
  • If you’re putting loose leaf tea in your gift box don’t forget to add some sort of tea infuser for them to use. There are many different varieties and shapes available to fit your giftee’s personality and style.
  • You’ll also need to locate a decorative box and some crinkle cut filler paper, tissue paper or Easter grass.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, start layering in your items to make a decorative arrangement. First will the bottom of the box with whatever filler you’ve selected, then arrange your gifts.

Place the top on your box and make sure it’s securely closed by placing a ribbon around it – it also makes it look more festive. 😉

Don’t forget a tag to tell them it’s from you!

Idea #2 : Custom Tea Storage Tin

This one’s a great idea for those people in your life that you know already love tea and you’re wanting just give them a few more to try. The bonus with this idea is that you can custom create a collection that is as unique as your giftee!

Start with locating a medium to large-sized tin. It can either be an already perfectly decorated one…or something that you had lying around the house (perhaps an old tin from those holiday butter cookies you love?).

If it’s an older tin that you’re purposing then customize it to your giftee by covering it with several layers of craft paint. You can also stencil on designs after the base coat has dried. Feel free to let your creative side to go wild here.

tea tin divider

The divider should end up looking similar to this one.

While the paint is drying, cut 3 lengths of cardboard – no longer than the diameter of the tin and no wider than the height of the tin. Cover them in contact paper or glue decorative wall paper to them.

Connect them together (effectively making divided compartments) by cutting an incision halfway across the width of the cardboard pieces, equal distant from each other.

Finally, don’t forget to add the different types of tea to your gift tin prior to closing it up. Don’t be afraid to create a collection of widely different teas using tea bags and loose leaf tea of varying flavors.

Idea #3 : Tea Cup Candles

This is a great idea for someone who loves the ambiance of a candle and who loves tea because once the candle has been completely used then they can use the cup.

Candle making really isn’t that hard, I’ve done it many times. Here’s what you need for making candles in tea cups:


A beautiful gift that tea lovers can enjoy even after the candle is gone.

CD-12 pretabbed candle wicks

Soy wax (flaked is easier to work with)
Fragrance oil (approximately 1 oz per 8 oz of candle wax)
Candle Dye (No, food coloring or crayons don’t work!)
Tea Cup
Candy Thermometer
Glass Pyrex measuring cup
Stirring spoon (or silicone spatula)
Medium saucepan

Here’s what you do:

  1. Wash your tea cup well with hot, soapy water. Make sure you dry the inside thoroughly.
  2. Place your pre-tabbed candle wick into the center of the tea cup. You can secure it with some glue or a rolled piece of tape. If you’re careful, you may be able to just place the candle wick straight down the center of the tea cup and secure it between two, taped together pencils. That is if you have a steady hand and can let it rest until cooled without it being disturbed.
  3. In your medium saucepan add water and set on the stove on low-medium heat. It is OK if the water starts to boil slightly.
  4. In your Glass Pyrex measuring cup measure out approximate 8 ounces of soy candle wax and place the whole Pyrex measuring cup into the heating water in the saucepan. You’re basically creating a double boiler with the two items.
  5. Heat the wax until it reaches 150°F (or until the wax is completely melted) stirring occasionally. Use the candy thermometer to measure the temperature.
  6. Pull the measuring cup out of the water bath and allow the wax to cool slightly (135-140°F) stirring constantly – keeping a close eye on the temp of the wax using the candy thermometer.
  7. Once the wax is at the aforementioned temperature add a little less than 1 ounce of your preferred fragrance oil. Continue to stir. If you want to add color to your candle, now’s the time to add the candle dye – you don’t need much since the color is usually super concentrated.
  8. Keep stirring the wax and allow it to cool to 125°F.
  9. While the wax is cooling, preheat the outside of the tea cup by running it under hot water, or placing it in a hot water bath for a few minutes (this is to keep the hot wax from solidifying too fast). Make sure you dry out the inside of the tea cup if you happen to get water in it.
  10. Once the wax has cooled, slowly pour the wax into the tea cup.
  11. Carefully straighten the wick (make sure the tabbed portion stays touching the bottom, center of the tea cup) and secure between two, taped together pencils or wooden meat skewers.
  12. Allow the wax to cool undisturbed for 24 hours before you move it.

If you will probably have leftover wax. Don’t worry, go ahead and pour it into another heat-safe container to make a small candle for yourself. 😉

Also, if you do want to make more than one candle, feel free to adjust the measurements proportionally.

Please note: you can get these ingredients in your local craft stores or online at any of the following websites (I’ve used all of these places and think they are all awesome.)

Let these just get you started…

These aren’t the only DIY tea gifts you could do. Just let these ideas get you started on coming up with something the tea lovers in your life will love.

Do you have any other ideas? What have you gotten or given to someone who loves tea?

Tea is made for sharing!

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