Calling all sweet lovers! Did you know that eating your dessert can actually be healthy for you?


But, unfortunately, for most of us we try to restrain ourselves from ever having any dessert. Because then it would ruin our diet and we would have to start all over – from day one. Again.

And that could be bad.

Have Your Cake (and Eat It Too!)

Actually, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t allow yourself to indulge once in a while. It’s actually really good for you to allow yourself some sort of “reward” – maybe in the form of some sweet treat 😉 – and can even benefit your health!

Who knew that love of chocolate cake really was a good thing?

Healthy Reasons to Eat Dessert

1. They can be packed certain nutrients.

Ok, ok. Not every dessert has things in it that are good for you and most desserts have a high fat/caloric content. So moderation is key.

But who desserts do benefit are those on a low carb diet since the desserts are usually high in carbs. Like I said, not the healthiest form of carbs, but still high in nutrients low carb dieters might enjoy from time to time.

Besides, those that love sweets with dark chocolate can gain extra essential vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that they wouldn’t get if they didn’t indulge once in a while.

2. They let you be happier.

No, seriously!

Just the thought of being able to eat that slice of pie or that delicious chocolate cupcake can make anyone smile. But actually eating it helps release the chemicals necessary to create serotonin.

And we all know that serotonin makes you happy. 🙂

That makes eating your dessert is good for mental and emotional health. Right? So go on, eat that delicious chocolate cupcake without all that guilt!

3. They can help ensure your diet success.

Seriously, how often do you think about that favorite sweet treat while dieting? Probably several times a day, right?

The biggest failure to diets is the sweet cravings that go along with it. Most people think dieting means cutting off all indulgences in anything sweet. That’s truly a bad thing!

Stopping intake of all sweets cold turkey will more than likely lead to binge eating and over consumption during those weak moments – or when you actually allow yourself to have them.

If you want to start a diet that works and you’re able to stick to, then the key is balance. Balancing your diet with healthy foods, indulgences like desserts and exercise will get your diet to not only stick but also lead to success.

4. They can help you add the needed fruit to your diet.

fruit-dessertNot everyone’s idea of dessert is a huge slice of chocolate cake or a big piece of banana cream pie. That’s totally fine too!

As we all should know by now, fruit is necessary to your diet to help keep your body strong, healthy and immune to certain diseases. Fruit adds certain vitamins and minerals do your diet that aren’t available through other foods (or at least in the doses available in fruit).

So don’t be afraid to experiment with adding fruits to your dessert lists. There are endless combinations available from raspberry-infused Greek yogurt to chocolate-covered strawberries.

Time to Indulge

We hope you realize we’re not promoting that you go crazy on eating those sweets you love. That’s not it at all!

Like we said previously, the real key to healthy living is balance and moderation. If you don’t allow for that, then you’re not going to be successful.

Just because you decided to eat that scrumptious looking scone with your tea this afternoon doesn’t mean you failed your diet. In fact, indulging once in a while is good, according to medical research. But don’t forget to also include the other healthy foods and exercise into your daily plan.


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