“I take pleasure in tea, appreciating it with my spirit and therefore cannot explain why.” ~ Sen Joo

Did you know there are many things you can do with tea?

Yes, the best thing to do with tea is still drinking it. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

But you can use tea in anything from cooking to beauty supplies to compost mixtures.

Now that’s a lot uses for tea. Here are a few of the ones I thought might be helpful.

Unusual, but helpful uses for tea

Relieve a stinging burn

So you were outside all day and forgot the sunscreen. Or maybe you accidentally burned your hand on the pan of boiling water for pasta. Either way, it stings and hurts.

Get rid of the stinging sensation of your burns by placing a few wet tea bags on the site of the burn.

If you’re like me though, your sunburn will cover too big of an area for just a few tea bags. In that case, place a few tea bags in bath water and soak. Sounds like a bonus to me. 🙂

P.S. It also works for razor burns, too!

Relieve those tired peepers

You’ve been working all day and are exhausted from staring at that computer screen. Your eyes are tired and puffy.

Place a couple wet tea bags on them for about 20 minutes and relax.

Get shiny looking hair

Condition your distressed tresses by giving your hair a final rinse with a liter of warm, unsweetened tea. It can be either instant or freshly brewed. Either way, it will leave your hair nice and shiny.

Just a note, do this after your regular shampoo.

Drain a boil

Gross, I know, but those suckers are painful. If you’ve never had one then count yourself lucky.

But if you have, keep this in mind for next time. Try taking a boiled warm tea bag, bandaging it up over the boil, and sleeping on it overnight. By morning it should be drained without all the pain.

Treat that nasty poison ivy rash

You went hiking and accidentally stepped into a middle of a poison ivy patch. Then when you got home all you have left of that magical hike was an itchy, nasty rash.

Here’s what can help. Brew some tea, and brew it strongly, and then take a cotton ball and dab it on the rash. Repeat as needed. It should help bring the itch out and dry out the rash.

Say goodbye to foot odor

Take off your shoes after your workout and have an awful smell come flying up towards your nose? Yup, you can even help foot odor with tea.

Soak your tootsie strongly brewed tea for about 20 minutes daily to help remove those offensive odors.

Tenderize tough meat

Tough meat marinated in a tea mixture can make it fall apart in your mouth. Mhmm. Yum!

Here’s a suggestion on how:

  • Place 4 tablespoons of black tea into warm (not boiling) water and steep for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea leaves out and stir in 1/2 cup brown sugar.
  • Season your meat (I love beef roast using this method.) with your favorite spices (I usually just use salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.).
  • Place your meat in a dutch oven and pour the tea mixture over it.
  • Cook the meat in preheated oven (325°F) for about 90 minutes or so.

I sometimes use a dry soup mix as a meat rub and it’s superbly delicious this way.

Use it as a cleaning agent

Want something natural that helps cut the grease, dirt and grime? Try boiling a couple of tea bags in a liter of water. Let it cool. Then dip a soft cloth in it and clean away.

You can also pour it into a spray bottle and use it to clean mirrors and windows. It leaves a streak-free, shiny surface.

Enhance the compost pile

Creating a compost pile to use for your gardening needs? Try pouring a few cups of strongly brewed tea over the top of it once a while. It will help hasten the decomposition of the organic material and help produce the desired acid-rich compost.

Tea is made for sharing!

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