“Tea…is a religion on the art of life.” ~ Kakuzō Okakura

You’ve drank all the tea in your current tea tin. So now what do you do with it?

Do you throw it away?

How about giving it new life as something more. Here are a few ideas.

Repurpose old tea tins as planters

Maybe you want some green around your desk but don’t have a lot of room. Repurposing an old tea tin as a planter is a good way to go.

Locate a tea tin, punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage, throw in some potting soil and plant some seeds. By planting seeds you’ll ensure that your plant won’t get too big in the future.

At the most you’ll just have to add a small dish or saucer under the tin to catch the excess water.

Voila! A new, mini garden!

Add a little ambiance to your space

Want a little something different to add character to your space? Then try candles in old tea tins.

It’ll spruce up your space while adding some unique character to any room.

It can be as easy as adding your favorite store-bought scented candle to your empty tea tin. Or a little more challenging by creating your own candle.

Creating your own candles can be a fun DIY project and it’s simpler than you might think!

Insert a little color to your room

Are you looking for a new and unique centerpiece to spruce up your table?

Look no further than your old tea tin. Locate your favorite cut flowers and add some water. Just make sure you check that the tin is watertight before you add the water. If it’s not, then use a plastic bag to line the tin.

Want a lasting arrangement? Then purchase some silk flowers and/or greenery and arrange to your liking. This is good when you want to change out the arrangement every week.

Create unique desktop storage

Looking for a few new office supply holder? Look no further than your old tea tins. Just remove the lids and you’re ready to go.

If your tins are too tall for holding your desk supplies, then you may have to trim them down. But then you’ll expose a sharp edge which you may have to put some decorative tape around to save your fingers from potential cuts.

And so much more…

There are so many things you can do with your old tea tins.

The tins are pretty common to come across, but what’s really cool is if you can find an older, antique one and repurpose to make it useable again. Often, you can go to consignment shops, antique stores, or even ask your friends if they have any they wish to get rid of.

Most people just use their old tea tins to store new tea in and that’s good too! But sometimes you just want a different tin, so what do you do with the old one?

What do you do with your old tea tins? Do you have any unique repurpose ideas? I’d love to know your ideas so leave them in the comments and pictures are always welcome!

Tea is made for sharing!

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